Cal State University of Fullerton

Consistently lauded as a top national university, we enable students to not only acquire knowledge, but discover their purpose. Our highly ranked programs, master faculty, and proven track record of educational innovation have cemented our role as a respected, in-demand and go-to leader within the California State University and beyond.

Cal State University of Fullerton

Project Description:

One of Southern Calfornia’s most prestigious branded universities, CSUF takes great care in the preservation and diligence in preserving its brand name. Working with multiple departments, we have had the honor of introducing our collateral to teachers and students of the university with great success.

Complete Projects:

  • Special Logo Treatment
  • Business Logo
  • Retracting Banners
  • Stationary
  • Digital Web Banner
  • Event Flyer
  • Department Banner
  • Event Brochure

Let’s work together!

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